As a stay-at-home mom with three kids I do a lot of laundry. When I say a lot, I mean 1-2 loads a day or more! One of the biggest things that I struggle with is separating my clothes properly. I have a 2 year old girl so naturally I have clothing items that are a little more fragile than others. Tulle, Ruffles, sparkly sequins, or anything else just pretty do not fair very well in a regular washer. Since toddler size clothes can easily hide among larger clothes, I can easily forget to take the hand-washables or non dryer friendly items out before tossing in with the rest of the laundry. With the gentle washer I am able to eliminate that problem. I can load up all my fragile clothing and wash as I need to.

What is the gentlewasher? The gentle washer is a manual washer that uses water from a sink or hose. It is portable and can be used in a variety of locations. Ideal situations for the gentle washer could be but are not limited to;
  • Living in a tiny home
  • Living in a dorm
  • Camping
  • Living in an RV or mobile home
  • Having a large family
  • Minimalist lifestyle living
  • Sustainable lifestyle living
  • Apartment/Condo Living (especially where washers are not allowed)
Where you can use the gentlewasher is limitless. But, WHY would you want to use the gentlewasher over a regular washer? Aside from being electricity free the gentlewasher uses less water than all other washers. Older Model washers can use up to 40 gallons of water, Energy Saver Washers use around 13 gallons the gentlewasher uses 4.7 gallons per load. If you reuse your rinse water to wash your next load then you use even less. Along with the environmental benefits here are all the reasons why I find the gentlewasher so great:
  • Eco-friendly
  • Uses less water, under 5galons per load
  • Non-electric
  • Portable
  • Easily operated
  • Safe for tulle and other fragile washables
  • Fast- 5 minute wash
  • Puts less stress on regular clothes making them last longer
  • Uses a tsp of detergent
  • Ergonomic handle = No sore arms
  • Wash up to 12 t-shirts or 8 dresses in any one load.
  • Wash anytime, anywhere even during noise restrictions
  • No mess, no soapy hands, and no splashes to clean up afterwards.
  • Accessories included


So you must be asking yourself what are the drawbacks of this amazing washer, and I will tell you I only found a few, well I will let you be the judge of the third one.

  1. It's a little bulky, the base itself is heavier than I expected and wider too. That being said, it's still way more portable than a regular washer and can fit in my car easily. It could be a challenge if you plan on riding the Subway with it.
  2. If your not careful you can pop the hose off and water will go everywhere, seems like a simple and yet “DUH” thing but double check your hoses before you start.
  3. Your kids will totally want to wash their own clothes!! I am not joking, the gentlewasher being in my home as actually made my kids more interested in washing than EVER before. Now if only I could get them that excited about drying their clothes AND putting them away we would be on to something! Either way I am taking the #momwin on this one!

I am so excited to be able to wash mini loads, get my kids doing more chores with less water and no electricity. I cannot wait to see the impact using the gentlewasher has on our utilities over a month. I am also really excited about not having to go find a laundromat while camping ever again!!

If you have been considering a manual washer I would highly suggest trying out the gentlewasher not only do you get free shipping in the U.S but you get a 30 risk free trial and returns are free. And it even has a 2-year limited warranty, to put your mind at ease.

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