Genuine Australian Sheep Skin. I seriously doubted this was real fur until I did some checking. I absolutely love it.  I really enjoy stepping on plus material after a long day on my feet. I am a stay at home mom but even so I am up on my feet from sun up to sun down. I rarely get to just stop and rest for a minute or two. With three children who has the time. I am up and down on the go all day long. To me the feel of this rug under my feet is better than a foot massage or pedi. Love the plushness and sophistication that this rug brings to my house. I especially love the way it goes with our brand new bare floors.  I have one of these rugs at each door, including the sliding glass door and not only in each bedroom but we even have two in our bedroom. One on each side of the bed. This is another item that is definitely going into my Christmas gift baskets this year. I will  be giving one to everyone I know and letting everyone I know know about this rug. This company has many styles and colors to choose from.

100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin Pelts Leather Hide Backing  This 100% sheepskin skin rug not just a floor rug but a statement of your style and prosperity.  Only natural lambskin can provide you will the vogue in-style look, natural hand feel and comfort you deserve.

  • Measures approximately 2ft x 3ft on the fur side
  • Our genuine sheepskin rugs are kids and pet friendly and a great addition to your nursery or play area.
  • A sheepskin rug can also serve as a comfort layer on your sofa or bed and has been know to provide therapeutic benefits for those who use it.

Made In: New Zealand

Color: Ivory

Weave: Handmade

Pile Height (inch): 2.5

Material: 100% Sheepskin Fur



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