I am a firm believer that animals feel common emotions that us humans do. Sometimes when something frightening occurs like thunder or very loud fireworks, we get anxious. For me, a nice chamomile tea helps soothes my nerves. But what about my poor little pet? I know putting the television on and having my pets favorite doll can help, but I like to do more. Something that would benefit me and my fur baby. I love Gerrard’s coffee shop candles, because they provide me and my fur baby such relaxation.

Gerrard’s provides aromatherapy pet care. Their coffee shop candles are pure soy and infiltrated with very wonderful scents. There is hazelnut, hot cocoa fudge, loose leaf white tea, chamomile, spiced chai, and vanilla bean. The candle’s are hand poured in a high quality ten ounce coffee cup. They are so wonderful, because they can burn for sixty hours or longer. 

There is no harsh chemicals or oily scents either. They definitely burn slow. Instead of a string to burn, the coffee mug uses an eco friendly wooden wick. The wick is smokeless, as well as being low maintenance. It also produces a crackling noise that really reminds me of a warm and cozy fireplace.

Gerrard’s candles have given me and my pet a moment to feel better. I lit a candle and snuggled with my fur baby on the couch. The scent filled our nostrils and we were calm. We felt safe and I could hear my pet breathing calmly and lovingly.

Gerrard’s also offers an indoor air conditioner cover. It provides a way to cover a window air conditioner without having to use an ugly blanket. I love the design where the fabric is elastic and holds strongly on the four corners of the AC unit. The size is twenty-four inches by fifteen inches.

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