With so many people going to the gym and working out. Do you tend to try and count steps and all of that without something? Recently I found the perfect device for my niece. she works out weekly, and the Trendy Pro Fitness is the perfect thing for all of us.



 TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker features sleek beautiful design in 0.86 inch OLED HD display and soft flexible band that is adjustable to fit kids and adults wrist size. Pick your Fitness Tracker today and get 1 FREE BAND that comes in Blue, Pink, Purple or Turquoise.  Now my niece has both pink and black and she's able to switch them out. 

Designed to help you accurately track everything related to your health and fitness activities. Features powerful functions that can be automatically synchronized via Bluetooth with free accompanying phone/tablet application.

These included: Sleep, Distance, Calorie Counter Armband, Calories Burned Monitor, Pedometer, Exercise, Sedentary Reminder, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) Notifications, Call Notifications, SMS Text, Digital Camera Remote Control, Stopwatch, Find Your Phone.


The Activity Tracker for kids, ladies, and men promotes exercise and healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep habits for the whole family, fitness, and exercise. Best to be used with a healthy diet, weight loss products, and activities.  She has been using it since she received it, we charged it up with no issues and now she keeps it on. 

This does exactly that and the app is super awesome – keeps track of my day and my week, allows me to set goals, and it syncs with the iPhone health app, which is pretty cool!  It's amazing that such a compact, affordable product can provide so much valuable information: steps were taken, hours slept, time active, miles walked, calories burned – and, it's also a watch with date and time.

Perfect for anyone to use if you're not needing an expensive one. Whether you are looking to get the Kids Fitness Tracker Sports Wristband for yourself or for someone special you care about as a gift, you won't regret it. It makes a great Gift for Her, Gift for Him, Back to School or Christmas gift.

Pick yours up on Amazon today.

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have really been thinking about getting one of these. I could really use this with my walking and exercise. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

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