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What you will need:

Large garbage bag (or two)
Resealable sandwich bags
Plastic crate or laundry basket
Plastic containers (2 quart disposable kind work fine)
Over-the-seat pocket organizers (optional)
Expandable file
Medium-sized cloth or canvas sack
Adhesive velcro strips
Old towel

Clean out your car, throwing away all old papers and junk you no longer need. Set anything you think you will need to the side (outside of the car). Don’t forget the trunk, glove compartment and side pockets. You may want to take this opportunity to wash and vacuum the interior of your car. A beautiful smelling car is what makes me love my car.

In your glove compartment, you should place your car manual, a small pocket flashlight, and a small notebook containing important phone numbers. Unless you are in the habit of carrying your registration and insurance information with you in your purse or wallet, these documents should also be kept in your glove compartment.

Any small, rarely used items (such as paper clips, batteries, etc.) should be placed in resealable bags and stored in your glove compartment.
Unless you have a specific storage area in your car for loose change (i.e. some models come with a coin holder built into the dashboard area), gather loose change and place it in a resealable bag (you can either use a separate bag for each denomination of coin or one bag for all of it), and keep the bag(s) in the side pocket next to the driver’s seat for easy access. We have so much change in both the car and van who knows how much is in there, all we do is throw our loose change in there.

Although many stores sell CD organizers (some attach to the visors, some are stand alone), a plastic container can work just as well. Ziploc’s 9 ½ cup rectangular storage container works well for this. Place your CDs in the container and keep in an area that is accessible, but out-of-the-way.


This post was written for  Hoover Jeep Cryslar. You can click HERE to read the full article.

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