For a show that has drawn an audience of 16 million Americans in 2017 alone, Stranger Things is unmistakably popular. It’s a favorite theme for birthdays, Halloween events, and the like.  


And you certainly won’t need $8 million to recreate or incorporate elements of the Netflix series to your child’s birthday celebration this time. 


Set the Event in the ’80s


The TV show breathes eighties pop culture. It’s a nod to an era when cassette players reigned supreme, kids built forts and rode bikes as much, and Back to the Future topped the box office. 


It’s time to revisit the stuff at the basement or attic for analog appliances and furnishings to decorate the venue. You can also visit the thrift store for memorabilia that will lend authenticity to the theme. It would be nice to re-create the set from one of the episodes. 


Enliven the Mood with Songs from MJ and More 


The show plays up the nostalgia with songs from the Police, Toto, New Order, and the Clash, among others. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was used prominently for the trailer for season 2. 


Play this music at the party. Kids, as well as adults who love the show, can relate to it. For your convenience, someone has put together the soundtrack here.


Dress according to the Stars 


With the way Stranger Things characters are dressed, it’s easy to replicate their fashion or copy their outfits. These clothes can be worn to costume parties and on regular days. 


You can spot Dustin’s trucker hat, Eleven’s iconic dress, or Barb’s oversized glasses. The kids will look admittedly cute with the ensemble, wig and all. It’s also worthwhile to check makeup tutorials that complete the look. Adults can show up in their high-waisted jeans and sweatshirts from the noted decade.


Design the Cards


Check how some parents or planners have done their party invitations and thank-you cards. The layout is usually straightforward with a line or two bearing the name of the show and the details of the party. Others come up with more lines of colorful text and graphics.


You can take inspiration from existing designs that require a bit of tweaking, or you can ask someone to create an original birthday invitation for you. Or better yet, buy ready-made cards and envelopes aligned with the theme. 


Make Room for Fun and Excitement


The web series has masterfully combined science fiction and the paranormal. You’ll have plenty of choices online for interactive party games that match your theme’s genres and spur the young ones to participate. Your nerdy sibling or friend may have board games that are Stranger Things edition for borrowing.


You can carry on with classic parlor games; technically, they are old-school. Just wow the kids with the prizes.


Bring In the Food


Eggo waffles, Coca-Cola, pizza, turkey sandwich, scrambled eggs—these kinds of food are not only easy to prepare or source, but they have also been featured on the show. Pick which ones are best to serve at the party from the list made by Showbiz CheatSheet. 


Take on the great responsibility of making the themed birthday cake, or hand it to the expert baker. 


Create Memories 


How about freeing up space for a photo booth? Guests can choose props relevant to the series for their wacky poses. You can opt to give out physical copies of the pictures or upload them in an album on your personal social media page. 


In packing the loot bags, think of fun things to eat, use, or wear that children can appreciate and remember fondly. 


Get the Party Started 


A celebration is always made complete with supplies that scream “It’s party time.” These simple party-theme decors include banners, signs, decals, and floor clings related to Stranger Things. You can also add pieces to your overall set design above. 


With respect to your table setting, you can save critical resources when you buy bundled packs containing the necessary wares for the birthday dinner or lunch. You may need a table cover and centerpiece.  


Surely, all these details have attendees convinced about the theme. More importantly, the costs to pull off the Stranger Things–inspired birthday bash are not significant. What you’ll be spending more on is time to research for the costumes, decorations, and details that re-create the experience. Meet your friend Google, and put your creativity to work.


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