Nowadays with video games and devices all the rage, art has taken a back seat.  I absolutely love when children take an interest in art, drawing, painting, creating their very own masterpieces.  It is great for their minds coming up with things to draw and fun crafts to do.  Amazon has an original series called “Creative Galaxy” which is all about Arty and his friend Epiphany who search the galaxy and solve problems with art.  It really shows a child how to be imaginative and that you can make anything you want to.  The sky is the limit really with art, and any craft or drawing or painting is a wonderful thing   Children should be encouraged to explore through art and make anything they want!


With Valentine’s Day approaching, cards are a huge thing.  What better way for a child to express themselves through art than with a homemade Valentine’s Day card? And they do not have to stop there either.  Handmade cards for any occasion are a welcome treat and I find that they mean so much more than a store bought card and will be cherished for years to come.  Most cards go in the garbage, but not homemade ones!  Encourage your children to make homemade cards for their teacher, their friends, grandparents (even you!) for Valentine’s Day – once they do that, they will always want to make homemade cards, especially when they see how happy people are to get them!


To start them on their creative journey for other projects, now they can be just like Arty with the Arty Tool Belt Kit which is available on Amazon.  With this tool belt kit they can create their very own masterpieces with their own special tool belt with tools to make anything they want.  How great is it to see a child drawing, painting, or constructing something that they thought of all by themselves rather than with their face looking at a screen or playing video games for hours? All they need is come encouragement and confidence and they could be the next big thing – art has no bounds, and can be used for so many aspects and fields in the future, from designing to painting to makeup artistry to architecture! Creative Galaxy is a great show for your children to watch to see how cool art is, and they will love the Arty Tool Belt Kit so they can be just like Arty!


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