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Get Out And About With Govivo


Govivo, makers of many wonderful health products, has introduced the Govivo Running Belt for iPhone 6. I love my belt! I enjoy walking for physical and spiritual health. But I don’t enjoy walking with a bulky phone in my pocket. I always like to take a few dollars along with me, as well as my identification. The Govivo Running Belt offers plenty of room for my iPhone 6 Plus. An additional pocket holds other items without allowing them to scratch my phone.


The main pouch of this waist pack is water resistant. Measuring 7 1/2 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches high, this pocket easily holds iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Note 4, and other smaller phones including their cases. The belt is made of high quality elastic and fits sizes waist sizes 28 to 46. It is wide and doesn’t cut into the skin. I have a skin sensitivity issue which is not at all affected when I’m wearing my Govivo. The buckle is durable and secure. I don’t worry at all about it coming undone while I’m walking, shopping, or sitting at the beach.


I trust my Govivo to stay in place and safely hold my belongings. My cell phone is safe and secure … ready for me to take calls or send a text … no matter where I go. Not only that, I know my phone is safe from the spray of the ocean and the sand from the beach. The zipper closes completely, leaving no space for sand and water to get in. This is an amazing product.


If you walk or run for health or pleasure, I highly recommend the Govivo Running Belt. And if you have friends or family who are out and about like you are, I just know they would love to receive a Govivo Running Belt for Christmas. You can count on smiling faces when your loved one unwraps such a useful, high quality gift.

You can connect with Govivo and see all of their wonderful products on their website. Merry Christmas!


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