Are you like me and always on the look out for something, that's easier to carry when you go away. For me, the biggest pet peeve, is I hate to carry bigger bags when I am traveling alone. That's where Rume comes in, they have the biggest and best selection of bags and more.



What I like it that its so much more than bags, anything to make organizing so much easier when traveling.

Large Tote

RuMe’s Large Tote holds up to 50 pounds, is durable and washable, fun and fashionable! These bags are perfect for trips to home supply stores, baby stores and other retailers where you purchase big items. Also perfect as a gym bag, for camping gear and as a beach bag. Best of all, these reusable bags easily fold up into small, lightweight rolls so that you can stow them in a purse or bag. A handy Velcro strap keeps them small. Keep them in your car or backpack for impromptu shopping trips. Double-stitched seams and squared corners give these bags extra structure so that they lay comfortably against your hip. RuMe customers rave about the roominess and strength of these bags!

This is the bag of my dreams, I can use it as my carry on and it can actually hold my computer as well as the phone and tablet. And all my wires for all of the things I am always taking with me. There are so many things you can use, this bag for shopping, as a weekend bag and more.

2Cool Tote Insulator

This will come in perfect for our trip to Jersey, we will be able to put the sandwiches in this and the water in the other one can hold the water we plan to take, I hate to stop and get food along the way.


Tote your lunch, snacks or brews with the RuMe 2Cool. It’s the perfect companion for all of life’s adventures. Instantly transform your RuMe Mini Tote or Large Tote into the perfectly cooled snack center. Place the 2Cool into your tote, then fill it with snacks, drinks, and ice packs to zip in the coolness. Now you’re ready for the beach, pool, picnic or ball game. At the end of the day, simply wipe the interior clean with soap and a warm


Pop-Top Tote

This tote can take on the ‘bulky’ challenges of your day – grocery shopping, soccer practice, you name it. With a wide opening and mesh closure, items you’re carrying are easily accessible and secured in place. When grocery shopping, place items directly into this (clean!) grocery basket, and carry it to checkout, where it will fit perfectly in the bagging area. The cinch-tie mesh top stops items from rolling around on the drive home.


This is the perfect bag, for me to use when I am heading to the store. Or to keep all my paperwork in one place. I have so much all over and notebooks . with notes for things I am working on at that moment. There is a bag for all occasions and more .

Crossbody Backpack



With two ways to wear it, the Crossbody Backpack is two bags in one! The ingenious straps on this stylish bag zip together to form a crossbody strap, or unzip to create two backpack shoulder straps. Heading out on a hike with friends? Load up your snacks, water and a sweater in the lightweight backpack.

Taking in the sights while on vacation? Turn it into a crossbody bag and carry along your camera, wallet and tourist books. The main compartment


  • Adjustable straps
  • Machine washable
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight: 5oz
  • Size: 11″ w x 15″ l x 4.5″ d
  • Material: Polyester

This is the perfect backpack for people on the go. Lightweight and easy to maintain and clean.

About RuMe

RuMe is a provider of premium, everyday accessories geared toward creating an organized way of living. Launched on Earth Day, Colorado-based RuMe, short for ReUseMe, designs consumer products that deliver on the growing needs of environmentally conscious consumers who don't want to sacrifice style and functionality for sustainability. RuMe’s product line has evolved into a complete lifestyle collection that focuses on functional innovation and self-expression through colorful patterns and customization. Each product, from the RuMe ID Luggage Tags to the “GTO” Garment Travel Organizer, demonstrates the quality, affordability and style that started with the original line of reusable bags. RuMe's products are the choice of leading retailers including Target, The Container Store, Whole Foods and Shutterfly. Premier corporate brands such as Facebook, Ebay, Google, and Chase use RuMe's branded products as a platform to showcase their own.


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