There's No Better Time To Move That Body Than Now! Let's Get Up Together

Whether you're a couch potato, like me, or you're a professional athlete, there's no better time like the present to get up and move that body.  Especially right now!  We have more time with this quarantine and pandemic than we ever have, so we have no excuses.  Unfortunately, that's all I've ever done is use excuses.  My latest one was, “I don't have any gym equipment”.  Well, thanks to Balanced Body, I do now.  I received this huge box in the mail and was so excited when I opened it!  This weird-looking piece of equipment does everything you'll need, without leaving your own home.  What more could you ask for?


Move With MOTR

So, what the heck is the MOTR by Balanced Body?  It's this cool system that incorporates weight resistance and a foam roller.  There's much more to it, but that's the easy way of explaining it.  This amazing workout tool offers cardio, balance, functional training, mind-body, agility, strength training, and even more.  The person that created it (pilates instructor Darya Bronston) has given you eight different body positions!  When you look at the MOTR you won't believe all that it can do and you will receive a one year warranty.

Folds Up With Ease

The MOTR looks big in the box, but when you take it out and play with it, you'll understand how flexible it can be.  You can easily carry it on your back, especially if you're on the go!  You can even start your own class with you and your friends.  When you're done with it, it folds up and fits easily into any storage space you decide…until next time you need it.  Oh, and all of the MOTR components that you're not using will store inside of the foam roller tube.  How cool is that?


My Personal Use

I absolutely love how easy this thing is to use!  It kicks my butt, however, I enjoy using it.  I pull it out, set it up, finish my workout, then put it away for next time.  It couldn't be easier while working my whole body.

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