Get Your Valentine This Yummy Treat

This Yummy Treat Will Make Your Valentine So Happy!

Year after year, it gets so easy to fall into a slump and buy the same old things for Valentine's Day.  Flowers and candy are the “norm”, but why not think a little outside of the box?  Instead of the heart-filled chocolate candy box give her/him (or heck, yourself!) the most delicious toffee known to man!  Ok, don't do any fact-checking on that, but according to my opinion, it's the best!  I never used to be a toffee person until I tasted this stuff.  No kidding, Amelia Toffee Company knows what they're doing with this yummy treat!  I received the Sea Salt Toffee (yum!), the Bourbon Toffee (out of this world!), and, believe it or not, a Cherry Toffee!   If you're looking for a taste of dark chocolate and cherries, this is the flavor for you.  Oh my goodness, they all tasted amazing.

Get Your Valentine This Yummy Treat

Yummy Treat Made With Love

Each and every piece of toffee is made with love by hand!  They take the time and quality ingredients to make the toffee the best it can be.  Trust me when I say, you'll taste the difference!  The toffee is only a small part of the whole decadent treat.  They start with the dark chocolate and completely cover the butter almond toffee.  Are you hungry yet?  Then they top it all off with roasted salted almonds.  Each one of the toffee flavors is unique.  Take the Bourbon, for example.  They use local bourbon aged in barrels so that it has a hint of an oak taste.  Somehow it all comes together beautifully!  If your Valentine has a sweet tooth, make them happy by giving them Amelia Toffee.  You will not regret it and I'm willing to bet you'll get something “sweet” in return!  Maybe in the form of a kiss or hug…possibly more?  I mean, it is almost Valentine's Day.

Get Your Valentine This Yummy Treat

Beautifully Packaged Gifts

If you're looking for a gift as pretty as a present, go to their website!  They offer either 3 oz. bags or you can get the beautiful boxes of toffee.  The boxes come in 6oz. and 16oz. and I promise that won't even be enough.  Once you start eating them you won't be able to stop.  My Mom absolutely loved it, so I had to be nice and share it with her.  The boxes have a gorgeous ribbon around it and your Valentine will love it.

Get Your Valentine This Yummy Treat

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And now for our giveaway, a 1 pound box of Cherry Toffee to one of our readers. Good luck all

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