If you're like me, the worse thing is a dirty toilet, I share mine with three guys and we all know men don't have perfect aim. That is where the  Dremel Versa, comes in handy, the perfect product for cleaning those messes and so much more.

Now it is easy to blast through, all of the direst of things, inside and out. The Dremel Versa is a high speed, cleaning tool that can and will cut through the toughest dirt. Imagine being able to clean soap scum, without any issues. I hate having to scrub the tub and all that scum that collects from soap and shampoo.


This is also great for glass, tile, and ceramics. Plus wood and stainless steel and so much more. Just imagine all the things, you can get cleaned without a hassle.  Powered by an efficient USB system that holds its charge, the Versa has revolutionized cleaning, making the lives of homeowners easier, by providing a solution to difficult cleaning situations. More clean, less effort.


Comes with 4 different, pads so they are able to clean so many things, easy to use and I love it. Power through soap scum, mildew, and tough bathroom stains in no time.

The eraser accessory pad is ideal for cleaning shower glass, mirrors and bathroom countertops, the non-scratch accessory pad for cleaning tubs, sinks, tile, and other surfaces that require a tough scrub, and the bristle brush for detailed cleanings like toilets or tile grout.

Compact and ergonomic design fits comfortably in one hand, while textured soft-grip offers comfort and control even in tight spaces Accessory changes are quick and easy with the hook and loop system – switch between indoor and outdoor, dry and wet applications with ease

Love using this on all my needs, perfect for those easy and tough messes. Perfect gift for the holiday season.



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