When the cable bill, kept getting higher and higher and all we had was basic cable, that was the sign to cut it off. My sister finally had enough of the crazy bills. So now what are we going to be doing to watch TV, I personally looked into some kind of antenna, so we would be able to watch something until we figured something out.

We all have Netflix and we talked about getting Hulu. But what about the channels we want to see, I have had Mohu antennas and have loved them, so I wanted to see what the new and latest ones they have out are.   Free TV For Life: 40-mile range HDTV antenna to access high definition over-the-air TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more.

The Mohu Blade HDTV Antenna is the perfect one for us. We can still get the channels we want and a few others.  The new Blade HDTV antenna has a sleek and modern bar design and is both indoor and outdoor-ready. Blade will make a statement wherever you place it in your home. Blade is the newest member of our Modern Series of antennas. 

What I love is that it's sleek and thinner then some I have used before, and fits right under the TV, no problems with getting the channels to come in clear.


Depending on what’s broadcast in your area, you’ll soon be able to watch popular national TV networks and local TV shows at no cost. With Mohu Blade you no longer have to pay high monthly cable or satellite bills to enjoy your favorite shows. The blade can pull in all of your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programming with NO monthly contract or bills.

Channel reception will vary based on what is broadcast in your area, your distance from broadcast towers, and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers. Before you buy, use Mohu’s web tool to see what channels are available in your area. Channel reception depends primarily on geographical location and terrain.


Here are a few quick facts about the Blade:

  • Amplified with new FirstStage technology, the amplifier is located right next to the antenna, setting the noise floor of the digital system and mitigating the loss created by the coaxial cable, resulting in less pixelation for you to enjoy a crystal-clear picture.
  • With a 40-mile reception range,  Blade can pull in your favorite over-the-air shows and channels in uncompressed HD, up to 1080 HD and is future-proofed 4K ready.
  • The included high-performance, 10-foot coaxial cable, gives you the ultimate flexibility to place Blade almost anywhere: mounted on a wall, perched atop a shelf, even placed outside — Blade's slim design compliments any home entertainment setup.

A first-of-its-kind design, the Blade is a departure from Mohu’s previous HDTV antennas in aesthetic only — with a sleek and modern design resembling a sound bar — while delivering the same quality picture and vast reception range that is representative of the Mohu brand.


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