Are you like me and have the hardest time waking anyone up, like they sleep so hard and hear nothing, are you looking for something that can help in waking them up. That where the Sonic Boom  comes in, it is a small device that you work off your phone, set it up and use it and watch them get up faster.

For many eons, the universe did not know the power of what a bed shaker could do. It took many ages later for the modern man to craft the strongest bed shaker in the known universe! Known as the Sonic Bomb Vibration Alarm, the force of its power waking you up could be comparable to the shock of a shark sneaking up on you.

The wireless alarm is the king of all vibrating alarms as the shark stands as king of the seven seas. Keeping you alert to Gmail, phone calls, and text messages, this wireless alarm does it all. Don’t even dare to look elsewhere for a vibration wake up alarm Their vibration pattern, strength, alarm duration from 15 seconds to 10 minutes and snooze duration from 5 to 30 minutes.

The Sonic Bomb vibrating alarm clock is great for individuals suffering from hearing loss, hard to wake, college students, teens or for travelers. Take the Sonic Bomb bed shaker wherever you go to be guaranteed that you will wake on time.

The Sonic Bomb Wireless Vibration Alarm Features:

  • The universe's most powerful bed shaker
  • Connects wirelessly to your smartphone
  • Set multiple alarms and notifications with an easy-to-use app
  • User-selectable alarm duration from 15 seconds to 10 minutes
  • User-selectable snooze time from five to 30 minutes
  • The user chooses their vibration pattern and strength
  • Turn off the alarm sound on your phone, only use the vibrator
  • Name the alarms
  • Customize the different alerts you want from Gmail to text message
  • Awaken without the disturbance of others
  • Stay charged with strong battery life
  • The battery lasts six months when used every day
  • The battery can last two years if not used every day
  • The app functions on Android and Samsung Galaxy phones and Apple iPhones
  • One-year Sonic Alert warranty



This is the perfect thing, I have been using it for myself, I have the worst time getting up and using this has helped me. It just vibrates so I can get up nothing bad about it, I love love your ability to take it anywhere, and it works perfectly.



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