Being a plus size girl, I am always looking for something that I can use and tone up my arms and legs. I have an issue with my body and how it looks. My legs and arms are big and no matter what I try they are not getting any smaller.

Nothing helped my arms till I found the TarEls arm lift and toner system, easy to use and I have been using it for a while now and see some difference, what this does is stimulates the arm muscles and that promotes muscle tone, and this helps increase the size of your arm.

This is the best thing I have used, doesn't bother me one bit and it's easy to use and putting on was simple. Rejuvenate saggy arms, and add some muscle to them.

There are some great benefits to using this, firming up those saggy arms, this is also very safe and the must-have to dealing with those flabby arms,

Most people want to have tone upper arms that make them feel comfortable in sleeveless tops, but they find it challenging to do regular physical exercises effectively due to many factors.

Use it for 15-30 minutes each day for 90 days. Most people begin to see results within 3 weeks. No hassle of washing it, it can be washed in a machine. Operates on low-frequency vibration (10-50 Hz). Fits on the arm of size 10 – 17.5 inches.

Using this every day can help you ton those arms and I can wear short sleeves without being worried about the arms dangling and people starting at me.

Uses 2 triple-A batteries and lasts more than 12 hours, comes in black, yellow. purple. blue and turquoise and pink. Machine washable that's a plus. I washed it but didn't dry it, I let it dry outside. It was nice and clean for the next time I used it. I love that this is helping me to gain the confidence I have, and not worrying about what others think.]



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