Fall is a peculiar season. Most of us cite is as our favorite because of the beautiful colors and cooler temperatures that save us from the sweltering summer. This charming season, however, has also proven to be a short-lived amigo for many of us, and is soon proven to be nothing more than the gateway to the more savage winter. Just as the autumn is preparing us for the winter weather, you too can use this time to prepare your car for what’s to come. Here are some vital things that you check this fall:


Belts and Hoses

Summertime can leave your belts and hoses with cracks and leaks, as well as normal wear and tear. Check them for signs of splits or fraying. If you do think something looks amiss, this is not a typical job for the amateur mechanic. Get the car down to your dealership for repairs.


Check the Heater

Making sure that your car’s heating system is working isn’t just so you can be sure to keep yourself from freezing behind the wheel. It’s also to make sure that your car will be able to properly defrost the windshield so you can get yourself to work or your kids to school safely. It also will make sure that it doesn’t fog up when driving in rain.


All-Weather Mats

If you don’t have a set of all-weather floor mats, think about getting them, especially if you live in an area of the country with changeable weather. The fall can bring all kinds of weather, sometimes several kinds in a single day. This can mean unexpected dirt or water getting into the vehicle. Be ready for whatever the season throws at you.


Cold Weather Checklist

Stock your glove compartment or trunk with items that you may need when the fall weather declines into winter weather: gloves, scraper, blanket, jumper cables, flashlight, first-aid kit, tire-change gear, spare cell-phone charger — plan carefully and don’t get caught out!


Look for a Corroded Battery

While you’re getting the belts checked, take a look at the battery, too. Check especially for signs of corrosion. If all is well, then no worries, but if your dealership does spot something, then get it replaced. A faulty battery means a faulty start when you’re trying to get on the road.


If you’re not sure about how much or little maintenance you car might be in need of during the fall period, why not drop it off at the dealership for a full checkup? Including: tires, oil, fluid levels, lights and brakes. You won’t be sorry when you know for certain your car is ready for the long cooling days of fall and winter.

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