Having a house that is nothing but carpets in the whole downstairs, it's always a job to make sure they are clean of hair and dust. We have been searching for the perfect vacuum to do the job, the way we need it too. Living down south, we have so much sand in the yard, and the dogs are always tracking it in, and getting all over the place.


We love Shark and trust them and have been using them for many years, they have all of our floor care needs and have never let us down.  With some of us having asthma and some bad allergies the vacuum has to be able, to get all the pet hair and dust up without any issues.

The APEX also comes with better attachments. The APEX maneuvers easily and pulls forward enough to save energy, but is easy to pull backward, even on thick carpets. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this vacuum is that it is relatively quiet and has a low-frequency hum compared to the annoying high-frequency noise of a regular vacuum.

This is the best vacuum for getting all the dust and fur off the carpet and floors, and the suction power is fantastic.  Whats even better is that the canister can come off, so getting under the bed and furniture is easy and with no issues. We have pets and they love to hide stuff under the beds, anything from food and treats. And one of the dogs loves to unstuff her toys, so there is always stuffing all over the place.

Powered Lift-Away: Allows you to detach the canister and clean hard-to-reach places, so cleaning your appliances is easy also. The under appliance wand is unique and works well. For the first time, our refrigerator has been cleaned underneath.  Powered cleaner head in lift away mode extends the reach of the motorized cleaner head, so getting under furniture is easy and hassle-free.

Perfect vacuum for all your needs and more, love how it gets all the dirt and pet hair so no one has issues with any allergies, and it amazed me the first time we used it, all the hair and sand it pulled out of the carpet after we had vacuumed with our other vacuum. Easy to put together, and glides so easy to the places we need to reach. Smooth maneuverability on floors and carpets while maintaining power suction, so it goes anywhere.

If you're looking for a new vacuum head on over and see this for yourself.



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