This year has flown by, June is fast approaching. Which means Father's Day is creeping up. So what do you get Dear Old Dad? You could get him another lame tie, or another BBQ set, after all what man does need about 20 of those?  Or, you could get him a gift to pamper himself and give him that manly feel he desires. You may even end up looking like you put thought into this years gift! Aiden Gill for Men has the perfect gift for any man or Dad! If he has a face he will enjoy Aiden Gill for Men and it may just even put a little pep in his step!

Most men today don't take the time to go to see the barber much beyond a haircut. Aiden Gill for men has brought their old school barber experience to men in the comfort of their home. By creating a home product Aiden Gill has taken his barber shop line to the masses. Those who found New Orleans a bit of a drive for a shave and a cut. However, should you find yourself in the area the Shop is filled will Antiques and History that makes this lady even want to visit!Aiden Gill for Men is perfect for Dad because it's a product with rich History. There's a story to tell that is ‘Unapologetically Male' as they say.  Aiden goes on further to say that “There is no reason, whatsoever to tip-toe around the idea of being a man. To get soft. To lose your edge. To miss out on those things that make it all so interesting, exciting and rewarding….You should have it all – and there should be no apologies….” To read more and see the magazines and history for yourself check out

The products

There is a nice selection of shavers and tools along with facial products to choose from. The newest set of products is set to launch this March and includes; Shave Oil, Shave Cream, After Shave Balm, Hair Fixative and The Super Facial Cleansing Bar.Before Aidan Gill for Men, Dad's Morning routine probably went something like this:

  1. Grunt… Apply shave cream…yawn
  2. Grunt… Shave…ouch Shave… yawn
  3. Grunt… Comb hair…done… BIG Yawn!

After Aidan Gill foe Men, Dads routine goes more like this:

  1. Grin…Wash Face with The Super Facial Cleansing Bar!
  2. Smerk…Apply Shave oil.
  3. Smile..Apply Shave Cream
  4. Enjoy… Shave the perfect Shave he's always wanted
  5. Admire… Apply the After Shave Balm
  6. Finish with the Hair Fixative and go boldly into the World!

To be quite frank, I feel like a tough girls line needs to come out after using these products on my Hubby! Not only does he have a great shave but he smells mildly masculine without all the musk and grossness of other male products that make me want to barf! I know I enjoy a more natural clean smelling man and it looks good on him too (added bonus kissable cheeks)!

Be sure to check out the Who is this man contest for your chance to win $50 to spend on Aidan Gill for men products!

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