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Gift Ideas Of Drinks

What do you get someone who loves a drink, every once and a while?  Some Whisky and Wine. My dad and uncle always had a drink together, when they stopped at each other’s homes. It was something they did for as long as I can remember. Christmas they would each get a bottle of liquor, and it lasted all year long. My aunts, they love wine and so do some of the girl cousins.

Rebecca Creek Whiskey has been touted as “Texas’ finest whiskey” and is the ideal foundation for any classic whiskey cocktail. Offered at a more competitive price point is the new Texas Ranger Whiskey, which is the Distillery’s first entry-level blended whiskey. Both spirits can be found on shelves throughout Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Get an authentic taste of the Texas Hill Country with our Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Texas Ranger Whiskey™ and Enchanted Rock Vodka® spirits. Our award-winning spirits are perfect for every whiskey and vodka connoisseur whether you’re enjoying a drink on the rocks, straight-up, or with your favorite mixer.

Thinking about my dad and uncle and how much, they would have experienced this together, I toast two of the most influential men in my life, cheers daddy, and Uncle Teddy.

Our still masters utilize large copper pot stills. This still is responsible for most of the smooth taste and creamy body that make our distilled spirits unique. The flavor profile is then rounded out using a proprietary 28-degree frost filtration process that is second to none in the industry.

Our Christian Carl copper pot still produces the “hearts” of our distillate which becomes our spirit in a single batch distillation system. From the copper pot still, spirits enter in vapor form under pressure into a modern 6 plate copper column distillation process for a total time of 16 hours.

The hearts of our distillation then undergo a proprietary 28 degree frost filtration system. This process allows us to refine our products so they can deliver the smooth, flavorful taste profile they are known for. Each of our spirits are then cut to bottle proof using our purified water from the famous Texas Aquifers.


And for the ladies in the family that loves some great wine. Stressed Mommy Wine. even mommy’s need to unwind


2014 Cabernet Sauvignon



Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark crimson color, with ripe berry and plum aromas, accented by toasty oak and vanilla. Full bodied and complex. Perfect to have with friends with dinner.



2014 Chardonnay



Our Chardonnay has golden straw color with golden apple and pear flavors, medium body and a crisp yet smooth finish. Excellent for before dinner or pair with appetizers or fish.


2014 Merlot

Our Merlot is a rich garnet color, with flavor of black cherries, plums and figs with a soft, smooth finish. This wine is a great match for meat, pasta or vegetarian dishes.


Great holiday gift ideas , for those who like a drink.