In my own experience, gift giving is hard.  I like to give people gifts, don't get me wrong, but trying to find things to actually get people is my problem.  I just never know what to get, so I end up going the gift card route.  I would love to get a gift that someone could actually open and use, but I want it to be something unique and not something that they already have or just do not need.  I have found some great gift ideas that I would like to share that are sure to match someone on your list.

The first one I found is a nightlight.   This goes directly on your wall, it does not plug in. Think of it as the coolest nightlight you will ever see or own.  They have characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Universal, Disney, Hasbro, so you can find something for anyone. This is a great idea for a gift to someone going away to college for their dorm room or for a young child, or even someone who just wants to have a light near them so they can turn it on if they wake up to go to the bathroom without having one on all the time. It is battery operated and stays cool to the touch which is also great because I know my nightlights all used to get so hot.  I had one in the bathroom that I keep on but the way my toothbrush holder is situated on the wall the handle would always be near it and whenever I would grab my toothbrush the handle would be hot and that was not pleasing to me!  It also comes with a sticker that looks like a crack so it looks like the character is literally coming out of the wall – how cool is that to look at! Sure to be a conversation starter too because of how cool it looks.  Since it attaches to the wall and runs on batteries, you also do not need to worry about finding an outlet or if the power goes out the nightlight not working. They also have mini ones!


Speaking of dorm rooms, another great idea is an HDTV indoor antenna.  The Leaf Glide indoor antenna reaches a radius of 65 miles where most indoor antennas only average at best 20 to 50 miles.   I remember when my aunt and uncle decided not to have cable anymore to save money.  They had an indoor antenna that picked up a few channels, but when I would be there and wanted to watch Jeopardy I could never get it to come in.  We had to play with the antenna, move it, try to have it come in, but most of the time when I was there I would end up not watching Jeopardy because it just was not getting a good enough signal, and that was just annoying.  Every time the channel was changed I kid you not the antenna had to be adjusted.  I did not want to get rid of my cable for the longest time because of that, the fear that I would not be able to watch anything when I wanted and having to play with the antenna every time I changed the channel. I have no patience for that! This picks up my stations that I watch all the time and more so now I do not have to worry about missing anything. This is not only a great gift for anyone going to a dorm but also for anyone you know who does not have cable or satellite because they wanted to save (a lot of) money each month and just go with free TV.


The next thing is a great gift for anyone – would make a great family gift or gift for a couple too.  It is the SodaStream. I am in love with this thing.  I have saved so much money on buying soda and seltzer water thanks to this.  You literally make your own soda.  It uses a CO2 cylinder to make regular water into sparkling water.  It is amazing and I never have to worry about running out of soda or who wants diet, who wants regular, who wants ginger ale, the list goes on.  You can get so many different flavors, even tonic water – and I know that tonic water for me sometimes I need it but who thinks about keeping it on hand all the time? I certainly don't until I think how good a vodka and tonic would be right about now but I have no tonic water handy!  One CO2 cylinder makes 60 Liters.  I thought it would be very hard to work too but was pleasantly surprised when it was so simple it did not even take me long to figure out how to work it, and I get frustrated easily so when I say it was simple, it really was.  I save so much money now not buying soda and since I always have water available I am good to go whenever I need it and never worry about running out.

Moving on to something more practical, something everyone can definitely use and especially if you are giving a gift to a bachelor they probably never even think twice about this, is bedding.  Obviously bedding is very important.  Laytner has a 600-thread 100% cotton sheet set that comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and pillowcase (one pillowcase for Twin size and two for Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes).  There is nothing like sleeping on nice crisp comfortable sheets. I love new sheets and the way they feel and I change them often because I find I sleep better when my bed is freshly made. They also have 100% Belgian Linen sheet set which I myself prefer over the cotton, but that is just my personal opinion.  Linen is a highly absorbent fabric so I feel cooler when I use it.  This also comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases (Full, Queen, and King sizes).  No matter what the preference is, either sheet set would make a great gift for anyone because buying sheets is not a thought most people have.  Great gift for a new home too! I always like something on top of my mattress too to give me some extra cushion so to speak so I love to put a mattress pad on top of my mattress, so that is another great gift idea that maybe someone might not have thought of getting for themselves.

The last gift I am going to talk about is geared more towards the women in your life. Wally's Natural makes an Organic Body Oil that is perfect for any woman who has dry skin or wants to reduce the appearance of scars or the dreaded stretch marks.  This is a roll-on so it is easy to apply and not messy.  It being organic is a plus for me.  They also have ear oil and Ear Wash for Kids, and they sell candles for ear candling.  Now, to be honest, I have never tried ear candling myself, but I know many people who swear by it (men included, so this would be a great gift for anyone you know who does ear candling). They also have aromatherapy blends that are roll-on also, which I absolutely love.  The scents are great and easy to apply and enjoy.

Next time you need to find a gift you do not need to dread it or just go with the same old gift card time and time again, check out any of the above gifts that I am sure will be perfect for someone on your list whether they are male, female, younger or older!


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