If you are close to someone who happens to be middle school kids, you may find out that they are not ready to head back to school, and they are counting down the days until they blossom into their high school phase. But before they celebrate their first day of junior high, you can surprise them with a gift so unique that they’ll be dying to show it off to their friends!

Finding the right gift for middle-school-age kids can be a tough job. You want your gift to look thoughtful without being corny; it needs to show that you put effort into it. However, if you set your mind to it, you may end up blessing them with a gift that will stay in their hearts for years! Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for middle school kids that they will love.

Book Series

Books are one of the world’s greatest sources of magic and power. That is why a renowned book series like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or any of the latest YA adaptations can make such a great gift for any 12-15-year-old kids. Reading books will also enhance their literary skills, so it will be both a pleasant gift and a nice addition to their wardrobe.

A Bicycle or A Scooter

You can never go wrong with a scooter or bicycle as a gift. When it comes to the top 10 best scooters for kids, the choices are different, but still, it is difficult to get the right one. You’re usually worried about the safety of your little one, and how well they can get adjusted to the scooter without causing themselves or others harm. Just remember, your kids want to have fun, so the mix of safety and modern features is what you need to look for when buying a bicycle or a scooter.

Daily Planner

Middle School kids have so much going on in their daily lives. It’s no joke that daily school work and extracurricular activities can keep them fairly busy. These planners are the perfect gift to help them write down their goals and dreams. You can find many daily planners online that are colorful, well organized, and come with some fun stickers they can really customize their planner with. A perfect gift for middle school kids.

Wall Art That Inspires

Remember the days when teenagers used to decorate their walls by taping posters to it? Well, that’s gone now, replaced by something even more beautiful. Inspirational wall art could be the perfect gift for middle school kids. And it really doesn’t have to be difficult to do. The Internet is littered with great ideas for these wonderful pieces.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend 

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a new piece of jewelry? An adorable bracelet, locket, or necklace are great gift ideas for middle school kids. Most of them have so many cute quotes written on them to choose from. You can even go as far as to purchase a whole jewelry box.

They're not grown-ups, but they're not kids either. They've graduated from elementary school, and they're looking forward to starting high school. For them, they are a long three years. A fun gift idea for them to take their mind away from studying is never a bad idea.


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