Gift Ideas That Pregnant Women Will Love

Gift Ideas That Pregnant Women Will Love

Everyone loves to shop for a baby on the way. But the mom-to-be needs some attention, too. Offer her a thoughtful reminder that she has your support with these gift ideas that pregnant women will love.

Body Pillow

Health begins with adequate sleep, something that can become increasingly rare as the pregnancy progresses. An expanding belly makes it difficult to get comfortable in bed. Help out by gifting a maternity pillow. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes: wedges, full-body, even sections that attach. It’s still useful after the baby is born, whether as a prop during breastfeeding, a footrest for swollen tootsies, or a speed bump for the crawling baby.

Journal or Blank Book

Pregnant women have a lot to think about. They might want to jot down some moments of reflection or even practical matters. Themed journals make this easy with fill-in-the-blank spaces. But sometimes, a pretty blank book is more helpful for odds and ends. Mom can detail and revise her birth plan with plenty of notes. Or she might end up using it to write journal entries to her baby. If nothing else, she can make a list of baby names.


At this point, a full-body massage isn’t a spa treatment. It’s a drug-free treatment that can alleviate pain in the legs and lower back. If pregnancy has led to swelling, a massage can keep extra fluid from building up. And yes, it’s relaxing—which offers health benefits for both the baby and the mom-to-be.

Diaper Bag

At their baby shower, pregnant women usually receive an elaborate, enormous diaper bag with a funky print. But not every outing will call for the “big bag.” Some of the best gift ideas that pregnant women will love aren’t baby-themed at all. Any bag with pockets can come in handy. Buy something that’s actually chic, and Mom can use it when she goes back to work, too. Or give a backpack that can leave her hands free for the baby. New moms are juggling a lot. Your thoughtful gesture can make her life easier.

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