A Gift That Keeps On Giving!

A Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Do you struggle with what to get certain people for gifts? Do you know someone who has a green thumb or someone that would enjoy a gift that is easy to take care of and keeps on giving for years? I know anyone on my list would love to receive a Plant O Gram!

PlantOgram.com is a company that offers a way to gift someone fruits from all over the globe straight to their door. After looking on the website I was a little curious on how a 5 foot living tree could be delivered to my house, but to my surprise it arrived in a pretty box that said gift all over it.

Kesar Mango!

After getting my husband to help me open it I noticed that not only was it packaged perfectly it was wrapped up just like a gift at the bottom in a nice hemp fabric and tied off with a gorgeous silk bow. There was  no water because they package it so well to keep it from getting messy.


My Kesar Mango tree came healthy and you can tell someone has really taken the time to nourish these plants. It was held up by a nice bamboo stick to keep the branches straight and the leaves are full of life! Although it did not come with fruit on it I plan on babying this plant and patiently waiting until the day I can pull fruit from it and eat it.

Plant O Gram

We live in North Carolina and with the harsh winter this is something I will pot and keep in my sunroom. It will add color to my house, decor and also clean the air inside. There are so many products to choose from on their website and I plan on slipping a note to my husband for some potential gifts he can get me for valentines day, with the hopes that I can receive another one to keep mine company!

If you want to light up someones day and give them something that will last longer than a few days or weeks, PlantOgram would be something great to try this year!!




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