Gift Season is Approaching: Buy Early and Enjoy the Holidays



Want to avoid the last-minute shopping rush for holiday gifts this year? You're in luck, because early fall is the ideal time to grab seasonal bargains on all the hottest items. Plus, buying early means less of a chance of having to deal with shortages and out of stock merchandise. What's on everyone's list for the 2021 winter holidays? Like every year, there are lots of great choices, but coming out of a long-term lockdown and viral pandemic, a few things make more sense this year than ever before. 

As well, there are always one or two products that seem to take off in popularity just before the gift giving season arrives, and 2021 is no exception. So, if you want to avoid crowded malls, e-commerce out of stock alerts, and prefer to get the hard part of the fun season out of the way, shop online now and solve several problems at once. A bonus is that you can spread out purchases over several weeks so the financial sting isn't quite so harsh. Here are some of the smartest choices for early shoppers.


The upswing in vaporizer popularity continues unabated. For herb aficionados who like their product dry and clean, and without smoke, this growing industry has been regularly improving its offerings for more than a decade. What can you shop for? Consider the better desktop and portable vaporizers for the people in your life who appreciate the finer things in this product category. Find a reliable, authorized reseller that carries all the major brands and you'll have a vast number of top-notch, affordable products to choose from. Many e-commerce retailers offer discounts for multiple purchases, so consider picking up a little gift for yourself if the feeling strikes you.

Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is in this year as prices are beginning to go up (which is a good reason to buy before holiday inflation sets in). Another benefit of giving coffee is that it helps you avoid the traditional trap of gifting sweets. For better or worse, most people are overwhelmed with sugary treats during the holidays, so coffee makes an almost perfect counterbalance in terms of taste. Stick with top online sellers who have been around for several years and offer bulk discounts. That way, you can buy several one-pound bags of high-end coffee and take care of all your seasonal shopping in one purchase.

Home Health Devices

Lockdown 2021 meant fewer in-person doctor visits for millions of adults who otherwise keep a close eye on their health. The home health device market experiences massive growth, and some of the more useful items make excellent gifts. Consider small cuff blood pressure machines, pulse oximeters, single-lead EKG units, digital scales, and scan thermometers.

Local Coupon Books

Coupon books are making a comeback, partly due to the need for local retailers to drum up business in the wake of the COVID shutdown. Now that social restrictions are easing, these thick books that contain hundreds of percent-off and BOGO (buy one get one free) coupons are popping up everywhere. Costs vary from a low of about $10 to around $50, but they make wonderful gifts for families and pretty much anyone who patronizes local retailers, restaurants, and service providers.

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