Are you one of those hundreds of us who get a gift card and put it in a draw and forget about it. To discover it months later and no good or you have no idea how much is on it.

Well im here to tell you about a brand new company called Giftly, they are taking gift cards to a whole new level. They are giving you a choice of any store you would like and the recipient has it so much easier to redeem it . Just by be able to redeem it by a mobile check in, sounds different doesn't it?


Your gift card will be created in minutes and whats so great about this and company is they let you personalize the card however you want too.By adding logos and messages and pretty much anything that will make the recipient jump for joy.I cant wait to try Giftlyout.

The best part about this card is you are able to pick out three stores that they can pick up to three different stores that they can choose from, how great is that no other card has ever given you the chance to do this. So you pick the three stores out and the recipient can choose the one they want to use it on. I know some people who would be so happy with this kind of card. Not having to use it on one shop they can choose from three.

The other good part is that there are some company' s out there who are willing to buy your old gift cards, I think that is pretty awesome in its self. For example Cardpool and Plastic Jungle.

So at the end of the day you can rest assure that your gift will be used and not shoved in a draw to be forgotten all alone.

Heres some info about Giftly:

A Giftly is money that comes with a thoughtful suggestion of how to spend it. Plus, we make it easy for the recipient to share what they got with the cash. You can give a Giftly for any item or experience, at any place, for any amount, and send it instantly via email or text. There's also an option to send a Giftly in the mail inside a greeting card or to print out your Giftly for hand delivery.

To connect with the company and see for yourself you can do so here. Why not browse on over and see what the talks all about.

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