While I find it hard to shop for anyone, children are especially hard because you do not want to get them the same thing that everyone else does or else it just sits there and does not get used, they totally do not want clothes, yet the parents probably want something that at least is a little thought provoking and not totally mindless.  Here are some things that I have found that are unique and a perfect alternative to the normal run of the mill things you see every day that would make great gifts this holiday season.

The first is Parker by Seedling.  Parker is a reality teddy bear.   You download an app on your mobile device and there are accessories that come with it also that you can purchase and you can play with Parker, care for him and be his doctor, and much more.  I think the best part about this reality bear is there is no camera or batteries or wifi or anything so basically you can bring it anywhere, not worry about having to change batteries, and because there is no hard aspect to it, it is perfect for hugging and sleeping with so really an all-around bear that you can love and learn from!


Another great cuddly thing for children is a Pillow Pet.  This is perfect for sleeping without having a million stuffed animals on the bed, which my child did forever, so many I lost count and it looked like they were taking over the entire bed.  Then I got a pillow pet and it was perfect because not only was it a pillow that she could sleep on, but a cuddly buddy too.  It served two purposes and was really a perfect gift for her and she adored it.  It went from a stuffed animal she walked around with to her pillow every day and comes in all different characters.

Now for the strictly educational aspect, The Learning Journey has educational toys, puzzles, and games for everyone from toddler age up to school age.  From Telly the Teaching Time Clock and Count and Learn Cookie Jar to Techno Gears: Marble Mania Extreme and Bionic Bug or even the ABC  Melody Maker, you can find the perfect gift for a child to learn with. They will be having so much fun they will not even realize that they are learning in the process!

Maybe though you have a baby that you want to get something for.  Obviously they are a bit young and cannot use the things above yet.  If you are buying for a baby who might not be able to truly appreciate one of the above things because they are too young and you want them to get use out of something now rather than waiting for them to be able to use it, then Baby Be Hip is something you will want to check out.  It is all personalized baby gifts so you can get bibs, blankets, towels, cute buckets to store stuff in, and personalize it with the baby's name.

They also have clothing so this is not just for babies but I think it makes a great baby gift.  The buckets though are good for any age, especially if you have an older child who might be too old for toys.  They can use the buckets to store things in, such as makeup for girls and those little cars or figures that boys like to play with.  Now everything will be kept in their nice personalized bucket rather than all over the place.


Of course, maybe you are very close with the baby and want to get them an actual gift, or someone is expecting and you want to buy them something.  I remember the one thing that I got when I was expecting was a baby swing.

I did not even have one in my registry because it is the one thing that never crossed my mind but this person I worked with that got it for me insisted I had to have a swing and she was going to be the one who got it for me, which she did.  I was shocked because I didn't even think of a swing.  Let me tell you, that was one of the best things I got.  Thank God for that coworker because she knew I would need it even though I did not.

The Graco Everyway Soother with Removable Rocker  has 8 different ways to swing and 2 directions. It has vibration, reclining positions, and six different speeds.  The only problem I had with my swing was when I had to go elsewhere in the house and did not want to leave my baby and had to bring them with me, I had to take them out of the swing which led to a lot of crying because I was disturbing them.

With this one, the removable rocker makes it possible to take the baby with you and you are not disturbing their flow because they keep rocking and being soothed.

So before you run out and buy a gift card, check out these cool gift ideas and I am sure you will find a perfect gift!!

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