Teachers work extremely hard to watch over your kids, while helping them learn. Show your appreciation this holiday season by surprising these educators with a gift, before Christmas break. Not sure which gift would be perfect for your child's teacher? Here are a few thoughtful ideas to consider.

Gift Cards

Gift cards may not be the most creative approach, but they give teachers (or anyone else) something they can use in whatever manner they wish. Gift cards for merchants including bookstores and coffee shops are especially suited for those who teach. Don't you think?

Personalized Cups

Many teachers prefer to use cups they bring from home, to drink water or coffee throughout the day. A personalized coffee mug or water bottle is a great way to provide them with something a little more stylish they can use every day.

Grading Stamps

Grading papers is typically a lot more fun with grading stamps, especially for teachers with younger students. All sorts of personalized grading stamps are available online, from simple rubber stamps to more elaborate self-inking versions.

Flowers (and Flower Pots)

Potted plants are a great classroom addition. Students will certainly enjoy watching a plant grow just as much as the teacher. For best results, remember to select a plant that's easy to care for. Think about planting it in a pot, painted with a message or design that the teacher can easily relate to.

Classroom Books

Many teachers like to keep a collection of books in the classroom for kids who love to read. Have your child pick out a few of his or her favorite titles and then purchase extra copies to give to their teacher as a holiday gift.

Whether it's your child's teacher or an educator in your family, the most important thing about giving a gift is showing your appreciation for the wonderful work they do. In the end, no matter what gift you choose, you can be certain they'll wholeheartedly appreciate the gesture.



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