Christmas is less than 14 days away. It feels like only yesterday we opened the first day of our advent calendars, looking forward to the month ahead. December is the most fun time of year for most of us, but unfortunately times flies when you’re having fun; so by the time you realise that you are in fact in december; christmas is already here.


If you are struggling with ideas for the gadget lover in your life this year: the great news is that there are a huge amount of products and types of product you can get for the tech lovers in your family. Depending on what kind of gadgets your family member or friend loves, here are a few of the ideas you can go for.




One of the most popular types of gift you can look to buy someone for christmas is games. From Final Fantasy 15 to crash bandicoot: there really is something out there for every type of gamer. If they love racing games, then something like mario kart or gran turismo is ideal; if they are into war then call of duty is a sinch; and if they prefer the old classics you can buy digital versions of games such as spyro so that they can play the games they loved as a child. It’s a big market and no matter how hardcore or casual the gamer, you will find something to suit them.




If you have a friend or family member who loves nothing more than to take photographs; then you have a few different options for what to get them.

Camera: if you are buying for your partner, you may want to look into buying them a new body or a new lens for their camera. If they don’t have a camera yet but they are really into photography- you will even be able to buy a body and lens from somewhere like Canon to start them off on their photography journey. An alternative type of camera such as a polaroid camera could also be a great idea to bring back those retro memories and be able to instantly print a photo of your friends or family.

Accessories: Bags, tripod, memory cards, lens caps, filters, battery grips… there are tonnes of different accessories you can buy for your loved one, and you will most likely be able to ask them what they need and then buy it for them.

Photography Package: another option is to sign them up for a year’s subscription to a piece of editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.




If you are buying a gift for your partner, child or parent- then a console could be a great way to treat the one you love this year. Depending on the type of gaming your loved one is into there are a wide range of consoles you can buy. There’s the Xbox and PS4 for the mainstream gamers; PC systems for computer gamers, or small handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch for a portable playing option.


Computer Lovers


If your family member or friend loves computers; there are a few different types of gift you can look at buying them:


Computer: there are loads of computer systems available for any type of computer user- there are ones with powerful graphics cards for gamers, lots of storage for writers and ones with photo editing software built in for the creative ones. Choose one which is optimised for use in a certain area for your loved one.

Accessories: a new mouse, keyboard, monitor… there are loads of options you can look into if your loved one is into computers.

Fun Additions: for a stocking filler you could buy a USB henry hoover for their desk or even a USB christmas tree for them to light up their station in December.


In the kitchen


If your family member loves nothing more than spending hours in the kitchen paying with flavours and ingredients, then there are plenty of kitchen themed gadgets you can look into. First of all is the Garlic Zoom- A cute little stocking filler which allows the user to insert cloves of garlic and then wheel the car across the countertop to mince the garlic. If you have a health conscious friend you can get them a dessert maker– which turns frozen fruit into ice cream. Or if they like things hot, buy them a Chilli growing kit and see how adventurous they become with their spice levels.


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