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Shopping for your man is hard. We’re not going to lie about this one. For some reason, getting gifts for the men we love always seems like an impossible task. You want the gift to be practical, something that makes him feel special and also signals just how much you care about him.


We know the struggle is real and have sourced some of the best gives that we know your man will absolutely love—with options for every budget.


To help you make the impossible possible, we have rounded up the best gifts to consider getting your man—from the most practical of gifts to quirky gifts that are sure to make him smile.


  1. Deluxe jewelery

While jewelery is often associated with gifts to get for women, many men love some bling to show off as well. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ to a man more than a beautiful set of gold chains to match their swagger. This gift is simple but with just enough sparkle to let them know how special they are to you. A gold chain goes with any outfit, so your man can wear this special gift every day of the year and always have a reminder of you close to his heart.


  1. Practical supplies

Guys love practicality. So if you want to get your guy a gift that is functional and practical, consider getting him an item that is As Seen On TV.  Kitchen appliances, wellness products, gadgets and tools are all easily accessible and make for a great gift that you man is sure to use.


  1. Quality Skincare Products

Great skin is not just reserved for the ladies. Getting quality face serum for your man makes for an excellent gift. Especially when it is multi-functional and uses over 27 botanicals in the ingredients. Your guy will not only look great, but he will feel great in his new and improved skin. You can also take the gift up a notch and sign him up for a membership, where he will get the face serum delivered to his door every two months so you can truly give him the gift of great skin long-term.


  1. The Ultimate Cuddle Gift

If your man’s best friend is his dog, then you should certainly gift him with the ultimate cuddle gift of his furry friend. You can create a  custom dog pillow that takes an image of his dog and superimposes it into a quirky theme like a NASA astronaut. Or a superhero. This gift will not only make your man smile but likely make him laugh too! And it will make your heart melt when you catch him cuddling with his new gift so he can always be close to his furry friend.


  1. The gift of relaxation

Give your man the gift of relaxation in the great outdoors. The perfect addition to any adventure is quality hammocks and the ability to be in the present anywhere in nature. Plus, these hammocks will also make for a great addition to his man cave as well. So you can choose from travel versions for him to tie between the trees to cotton hammocks that bring those Tulum vibes into his own home. The added bonus of this gift is you can cuddle up in the hammock with him and get great use from this gift too.


  1. Tech Gifts to Geek Out Over

If your man is obsessed with technology, then he will love these LED gloves. He simply puts on the gloves and can start creating magic between his hands with balls and spirals of lights produced from LED lights. It is an especially cool thing he can bring out at parties and you will have him entertained for hours.


  1. A Pool Lounger

If your man has a pool, then FUNBOY floats are the ultimate gift to get him. While you may not be able to get him an actual yacht, you can get him a yacht pool float that lets him feel like royalty while soaking up the sun. The floats are big enough to fit the two of you on as well so you can spend quality time together on the pool—and get a super cute couple’s photo while you are at it as well. And if he also has a dog, you can get a mini-version for his furry friend too.


  1. A Portable Workout Gym

If your man loves to work out and stay fit, then getting him a  gorilla bow travel gym kit may just be the ultimate fitness gift for him. An all-in-one home gym will enable him to do a full-body workout wherever he is—at home, in a hotel, by the lake. With just a few easy pieces that he can put together and pull apart and store in a gym or carry-on bag, a travelling gym is something that we believe nearly every man will love. You can even get one for you too so the two of you can work out together.


  1. A Refreshingly Healthy Beverage

If your man loves a good drink, consider introducing him to the fermented drink of Mexico known as Tepache. These drinks are all the rage and he will look like a trendsetter when he pulls out a six-pack of these at the next tailgating event. This drink uses pineapple, cinnamon and sugar to create this deliciously refreshing drink that is full of the nutritional value as well. Full of probiotics, this beverage can also be used as the base for a range of cocktails—enabling your man to be the ultimate bartender at any party he decides to throw too.


  1. A Navigational Watch

Getting your man a watch is always a romantic gesture that seals your love as timeless. This gift is great for many reasons—including the fact you can engrave a personal message on the back of the watch to remind him of you. While smartwatches seem to be all the rave right now, there is something so elegant and sophisticated about a man wearing a classic watch that even has a compass for navigational purposes. It is a unique gift that he will surely cherish forever and probably never want to take off.


  1. A Weekend Getaway

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences to share together. After spending so much of the last two years cooped up at home, give your man the gift of a weekend getaway. Book out a romantic log cabin in the woods or an adults-only hotel in the city center. Splurge on good wine, indulge in great conversation and have a mini-adventure for just the two of you. He will love that you’ve taken the time to plan it all out and the two of you will make memories to last a lifetime.


  1. A Spa Day with You

Quality time and relaxation are gifts that are hard to beat. So why not spoil your man with a day at the spa with you, where he can enjoy a couple’s massage, facial and some serious pamper time? Men deserve to be pampered too!


Getting a gift for your man is easier than you may have initially thought with these 12 epic gift ideas. Whatever your budget is or what your man’s personality is like, there is sure to be the perfect gift that lets you spoil him!







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