Teenagers can be hard work at the best of times. But when it comes to buying them gifts, life gets a lot harder! Our beautiful children suddenly change into independent young people who have very particular tastes. Their public image has never been so important to them. Getting them the right gift that they’ll be proud to show off to their mates is a challenge every parent has to rise to. Here’s what we came up with to inspire your gift shopping this year:


For Their Phone

Most teenagers have a cell phone. This means they are rarely without it. They’re smart, and they know exactly how to make the most of their smartphone. If you’re struggling for a gift idea they’ll appreciate, why not get them an unlimited calls bundle for their phone? At least you’ll be able to hear their voice once in awhile instead of just the tapping of the screen. Get your kids talking again with a one-off calls bundle.

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For Their Creativity

One gift that almost any teen will love has to be one of those tiny action cameras. Bundles like the GoPro offer your teen all the accessories they could need to mount these little wonders onto any equipment they like. They can attach it to their bike for action shots at speed. There is even a music bundle for the aspiring rock star to record their fingers on the fretboard. Most of these come with great editing software and apps too. Your teen could be the next Spielberg!



For The Superhero

Most teens have flicked through the pages of a comic book or two. Some teens absolutely love anything about a superhero. Graphic novels and comics can inspire young people and provide great light reading material too. You can find all the new comic book releases online to see if anything might be suitable for your teen. You can also get the classic and vintage comic books collectibles from an online comic books store.  Comics can be a great way to get the kids away from the screen too.



Concert Tickets

If you think your teen is ready for his first concert then now could be the perfect time to order those gig tickets. You can always chaperone if you’re concerned. Most teens have a favourite pop star or band they would love to see live. Alternatively, why not offer them tickets to a show? There are plenty of family-friendly musicals in the theaters right now that could be ideal for your teen. Teenagers love the chance to do something like this on their own. It’s up to you as the parent to decide when yours is ready.

Concert Tickets


Games Console

There are several different games consoles out at the moment. Most games are available for each platform. If you’re looking for a console that will suit your teen as well as your younger children, then pick one you are happy to use yourself. That way, you can set up any parental controls. You can also keep a check on the gaming accounts and playing hours. There are lots of family and educational games out.


There are some great ideas for gifts for your teen. Some may be beyond your budget, but others could be ideal. What will you buy this year?

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