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Give A Plant For The Holidays


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If you want to show that you choose your present with care, nothing will be more appreciated than a beautiful plant from Lively Root! Or maybe you are shopping around for yourself and your family? Typically, I prefer to buy plants in person.

This is mainly because I like to see them in person and see how healthy (or not) they are and to know how big (or small) they are based on the part of my home or yard I plan to put them in. I was extremely satisfied and surprised at how well packaged this live plant was.

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The outside packaging is very sturdy and has plenty of print for delivery drivers to take notice on keeping your plant safe during it’s travel. Not only did it do a great job protecting the plant in transit, but it was also SUPER easy to unbox.

Upon immediate inspection, the plant was fully intact and appears to be very healthy. There was a packet taped inside the box that contains the order sheet as well as the informational sheet of the plant and how to take care of it properly. For a limited time, they are including a red Santa bag around your plant as well as a string of fairy lights, battery-operated, so that you can display your plant during the holidays.


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The website itself is extremely user-friendly. You can search for a particular plant or you can go into different categories to find plant that best suits your needs and even budget. They have plenty of pet-friendly plants.

The website has info on plant care on all types of topics with articles ranging from essential gardening tools to common mistakes and instructions on how to plant specific plants or seeds, perfect plant zones, and where you should plant your bulbs.

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If you don’t have a green thumb and you’re worried about having a plant that’s too difficult to care for, they have plenty of choices for beginners. You can find all kinds of potted plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight, attention, water, or constant care, so you can leave feeling satisfied as a gardener and your plants can remain healthy and happy. Lively Root is one of the best online stores to get quality plants and bulbs.

With an endless supply of variety, you can find just about anything, packaged carefully and delivered to you with love and care.


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