When I make a purchase I especially love when a portion goes to something or a donation is made or a cause is funded.  It makes me glad to buy such a product knowing that if I am buying something anyway, at least this helps something else in addition to my purchase for myself or if it is a gift, I am really gifting twice.

One Hope Wine is one of those companies that is not only award winning, but also gives back to different sources.  For instance, the Malbec wine helps fund Alzheimer's studies.  You can find all the information on any bottle by clicking on the bottle of wine and they will tell you exactly what they are supporting (they also support children meals) but there is also a nice large easy to follow list of  the vintage year, the region it came from (the Malbec is from Argentina), the amount of alcohol percentage, and they have a scale showing how dry to sweet the wine is, how crisp to dry, and light body to full body.  Everything is laid out for you so you know exactly what to expect when you drink the wine.  Even the back of the bottle tells you exactly what that bottle of wine's tasting profile is and what the bottle helps fund.

Some of the other causes they support is finding forever homes for shelter animals (pet adoptions) and providing people with global health care and life-saving vaccines.  Each product serves to support a certain cause, and when you click on any product it tells you exactly what that product supports.  I clicked on North Coast Reserve Zinfandel and found that it supported veterans.  I clicked on a Peppermint Gift Box and found that it supports clean drinking water for one whole year for a person! Their kitchen sets support hunger (which makes perfect sense that the food  items would support hunger), and even the Rose wine supports women in getting educated about ovarian cancer.  Another nice tie in with the pink wine supporting women.

I love that One Hope does this and it makes me feel good knowing that while I am purchasing something I am also doing good so the money is not just going to fatten someone's bank account.  I totally get behind companies that try to do so much good, and it does not hurt that their products are of such great quality.  I always have a bottle of wine on hand for those times that I need one unexpectedly and I never touch it unless the need calls for it. I call it my “reserve” bottle and sharing it with others as well as sharing hope with people less fortunate or in need makes it all worthwhile.  Bonus, if you are giving it as a gift you are actually giving more than  one person a gift with your purchase – the person you are giving the wine to and whoever will benefit from the donation.

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