I am a huge fan of caramel candy and almost always have a bowl of them sitting on my living room ottoman! I could not wait to try the handcrafted McCrea's Caramel Candies, and they were even better than I expected! This candy is slow cooked in small batches, using fresh and honest ingredients, and come in many unique and delicious flavors. Popping one of these in your mouth is truly like a moment in paradise!


You can purchase these in different sizes such as the 5.5 ounce container that has about 20 pieces in it, The 2.4 ounce that has about 10 pieces, and the 1.4 ounce that has about 5 pieces! They also have gift boxes and party size boxes. I was lucky enough to be able to try three of their flavors, and all three of them were delicious. The black lava sea salt caramels actually have crystals of Hawaiian black sea salt in them. I could see the pieces of salt in the caramel when I unwrapped it.


The candy immediately starts melting in your mouth, and the smoothness of the texture is amazing. As you let it dissolve you can really taste the pieces of sea salt and it gives a very nice and unique salty sweet flavor! If you decide to chew the piece of candy, you get a little bit of crunch and a nice burst of the Hawaiian sea salt aftertaste! The classic vanilla is also a wonderful flavor and it is infused with sweet vanilla! The single malt scotch flavored Caramels were my favorite, and are spiked with smoky Ardmore Scotch! They are very rich and you can really taste the scotch in these! These candies last a very long time in your mouth, and continue to give amazing flavor until they're completely dissolved. Everyone that came over for the holidays tried one of my McCrea's caramels and they were a big hit! A few even ask if they could take some with them! Of ourse I shared, but I also gave them the website so they can have some sitting out when I visit their house! We hope to try all the flavors between the family and I'm sure they will all be delicious. Which Flavor would you try if you could only pick one? 

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