Jade Morganite PowerBooster

I use my phone all the time. When I'm out and about, I use it for directions. When I'm shopping, I use it for coupons apps. When I'm traveling, I use it to keep track of my tickets. I also use it to take pictures, answer emails and as a phone. My phone keeps me connected so I need it to be charged at all times. Having a reliable, portable charger is a must for my lifestyle. The Jade Morganite Powerboost is perfect for me.

Jade Morganite PowerBoosterPicture this, you're at Target, strolling up and down every isle. You're using the app and racking up the coupons. But on your way to the register you realize your phone is at 3%!! And there's a line of people ahead of you. All those coupons you just added to your app are worthless if the cashier cannot scan them. This is when you would, calmly, pull the Morganite Powerboost out of your purse or bag and plug in your phone.

The Morganite Powerboost is a sleek and power little charger. Weighing in at 3.2 oz you won't even notice it's in your bag it's so light. Holds up to  3,000mAh which gave me a little more than one full charge on my iPhone 6s Plus. And it should last about 500 charging cycles. Think of all the freedom you can have by carrying around this little gem!

Do you like to camp? Bring the Jade Powerboost with you. That way you can use the gps on your phone while hiking. Or use your phone as a phone, alarm clock and more without having to worry about your phone going dead.

Jade Power Booster SaphireIf Morganite (pink) is not your thing, Jade makes the charger in several other colors – Ruby (red), Diamond (white), Saphire (blue) and Obsidian (black). I really like the pink, it's just a fun little pop of color.

You can find the Powerboost charger as well as many other cell phone accessories online at JadeJ.com


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