Give the gift that keeps on giving with PlantOGram

Give the gift that keeps on giving with PlantOGram. You can pick from a variety of fruit plants to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Give the gift that keeps on giving with PlantOGram

PlantOGram offers some really cool fruit trees. They offer Mango to Dragon fruit and even olive trees. I had the lucky chance of receiving an Olive Tree Arbequina Variety. The tree came in a box five feet tall. The bottom was wrapped in burlap and had a beautiful pink bow on it.

Give the gift that keeps on giving with PlantOGram

Included on the box was two pamphlets that tell you how to plant your tree. It gave you two options. The first one was in a pot, the other was in the ground. I love that the instructions are very thorough and in detail tell you how to plant your new tree. As someone who has never planted a tree, it was very helpful.

PlantOGram is ideal for personal use at your own home or to send as a gift. The prices are just right and allows you to save more to buy more. My dream is to someday have a small orchard of apple trees in my side yard. The only thing I worry about is my dogs eating the trees or my horses and goats. You have to be careful about having a farm The creatures will pretty much eat anything.

Give the gift that keeps on giving with PlantOGram

A few of the items they offer are dwarf trees, fruit trees, cold hard fruit tree, and they offer gifts for everyone. They also have gift ideas based on the occasion.

To say I am impressed with this company would be an understatement. Everything they have to offer blows my mind. It has really opened me up to want to add fruit trees and bushes to my home. Being able to homestead on our farm has become a goal. The fruit-bearing trees and bushes would really open up what we can do on our farm and with that, I will be ordering more from PlantOGram. Shipping was fast. The tree came healthy and intact. This is a company I suggest for anyone looking to give a tree or plant a tree on their own property! Make sure to post pictures of your PlantOGram on Instagram and share with the world.

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