The New Glade Autumn Collection


Glade Autumn is their new candle line. And I am in love! I love everything about autumn. From pumpkin, warm night, bonfires, keg parties, boots and hoodies. Their new scents were created to help you to step outside of your comfort zone. To get out and explore a more mysterious and daring side of yourself.

Glade Autumn Collection


Spiced Apple Magic

I love the smell of apples throughout my house. This candle has notes of warm apple cider and cinnamon. This enchanting scent will make your house smell so magical. When you encounter spicy clove and nutmeg the magic continues. This candle reminds me of the fall festivals. Bobbing for apples, apple pie and caramel apples.

Wondrous Autumn Nights


This candle smells so amazing! The aromas of autumn blossoms, patchouli and leather in the crisp fall air. While you let the notes of patchouli, autumn blossoms and dark sweetness as you prepare for fall time. Get ready for the refreshing fragrance of mint and rich leather. This candle reminds me of those late night bonfires. You remember those nights? Just hanging out with your family and friends.

Rich Pumpkin Dream


Pumpkin Dream! I love this candle the most. By far my favorite fragrance from this new line. A combination of pumpkin, melted caramel and spicy cardamom! Trust me this smells even better than it sounds. All of my favorite smells of autumn wrapped up in this one candle. Aromas of pumpkin, melted caramel topped with ginger and nutmeg. When I light up this candle I instantly transport back in time to my childhood.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. What a better way to make your home smell like fall all year long? I love these and will have them in my home all year.

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