One thing you should always do is have your eyes checked. With me, I need to every 6 months, because of some freckles behind my eyes. Then comes the task of picking out some new glasses, that is one of the hardest parts for me. Everything is so pretty, making it harder for me to choose.

While looking I decided to search online, so that I would have a second pair because my husband thinks he should wear them. When choosing these I went with a more girly color, this way I knew he wouldn't touch them.

VisAcuity is the place to go for all your cool reading glasses. They have so many different designs to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

The Turquoise Champagne are the ones I choose, I loved the look and how sleek they are.  For me, something simple and not too big is for me.  When I was younger we always had the bigger framed glasses, now I like simple and slim.

Delicate cat eye frame crafted from nickel-free hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Elegant and stylish full rim ophthalmic-grade reading glasses crafted with custom C-39 lenses. They're Rx-able!

Arrive in their own protective hard case for safe keeping, yours FREE with purchase!

And they look great on me too. These will not be taken and worn by the husband, I hope.

Purple Haze Ophthalmic-grade Reading Glasses with Hard Case


This site, founded in 2006 by Mark Levit, a university professor, and former New York advertising executive, was launched as a laboratory—where students could see the “back-end” operation of a live, operational website.

Over time, has evolved. However, its missions remain constant. This website exists to provide you with the best in reading eyewear while it continues to be a teaching tool supervised by professionals— it stands ready to serve you and college students as they learn about eCommerce technologies, online promotion, product selection, inventory management, customer service, and much more. has become an online reading glasses boutique focused exclusively on cool reading glasses for hip men and women.

For all your reading needs, head on over to VisAcuity.


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