Glowing Planeterium # Holiday Gift Guide


Create a glowing planetarium right in your classroom,  Or kids bedroom. Features proportional Sun and planets. Sun glows in the dark after exposure to light. Provides the perfect springboard for Earth and space science lessons, inquiry activities and class projects. Assembles easily for ceiling display with included hangers and 32′ of clear plastic line. Includes 10 sturdy plastic pieces (Sun, 8 planets, dwarf planet Pluto) and up-to-date Activity Guide with solar system facts. Largest piece (Sun) measures 4″ in diameter
Rated for kids Grades 1+. The set includes 32 feet of clear plastic line for hanging. My son was very interested in hanging these in his ceiling. He already has glow in the dark stars and moons and planets but they are flat. He loved the fact that they are round. He liked that he was able to make his own planetarium. For more information click here.

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