Me and the husband have been trying to cut gluten out of our diets. Gluten Free Bites are a great addition to our snacks. They are very tasty and healthy for us. Not only are they gluten-free they are high in protein, vegan, soy-free, non-gmo, dairy-free, all natural, casein-free, low sodium, non trans-fat, cholesterol free, wheat free, omega-3 from flax, fiber and made in their gluten-free facility.

For the ones who do not realize exactly what gluten is. It is protein that is naturally in common grains but mainly wheat, barley and rye. Cutting out gluten has been difficult but we are doing better with it. Giving up breads and pastas are the hardest. 

With Gluten Free Bites and other products offered by the Gluten Free Bar website has been a tremendous help. So many delicious and healthy choices. We have tried the Dark Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Cherry Almond and Coconut Cashew Crunch bites. My favorite so far is the Chocolate Cherry Almond, my husband's favorite is Dark Chocolate Coconut. 

Gluten Free Bites                Gluten Free Bites             Gluten Free Bites


The final seal of approval on their yumminess came today when our grandkids came over to visit. They wanted to try what Mamaw was eating so I gave them one. All four kids 6yrs and under LOVED them and helped me eat them. So not only do we have a healthy snack for us but also for the babies. We try and encourage them to eat healthy so it is an extra bonus when they like what we have.

The GFB online store offers so many yummy products. They have sampler packs, cases, protein bars, the ever so tasty bites. Yummy flavors and good portions to make sure you are happy, healthy and full. Since I know the bites are tasty I have ordered some protein bars to try. Those will be easy to toss into my lunch bucket for work.

To purchase your Gluten Free Bites and other gluten-free products head on over to: ShopLucky Vitamin/VitaCoast

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