One of my closest friends has Celiac Disease which means that the slightest hint of gluten not only makes her ill and have horrible stomach cramps but gives her unimaginable migraines. Her body does not tolerate any amount of gluten so when she is out she has to be extra careful to make sure that restaurants are not contaminating their gluten free products. You would not believe just how easy contamination can happen in a busy kitchen without proper protocol.  Gourmet Bakeries have a large shoe to fill when satisfying a gluten free/vegan customer. Pipernilli The Couture Cookie and Sweet Company has met the challenge successfully.

Pipernilli has created baked goods that not only rival their counterparts made with gluten and animal products but makes them look bad. Creating a shippable baked good is hard because it's never as good as fresh (that's at least what I thought). However, somehow they have managed to not just created a tasty shippable product that taste divine but one that is vegan and gluten free.

Pipernilli has a whole line of shippable baked goods that include, cookies, cakes, donuts, packaged mixes and gift orders.No matter what you are looking for you can defiantly find a tasty treat at an affordable price.  Most of their baked good are priced starting at $6.50 and go up from there. I highly recommend the Lemon Guava Mini Cakes (these are vegan but not gluten free), they come in a package of 12 and are perfect for Tea Time or a sweet little snack. The glaze comes in two options, almond milk or soy and they have just the right amount of guava/lemon to enjoy in each cake.

Check out and let us know which baked good you are interested in tasting!

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