Who hasn't had one of those nights when all you do is toss and turn and no matter what you do you can not fall asleep, I have and they are so much lately that I had to ask the dr for a pill to sleep. I never had issues sleeping and its only gotten worse. Well I have some good news for you there's a new product called Glysonna and it's not a addictive product.he next day he had no side affects

This product is a drug free liguid and glycerine fortifies with added wellness nutrients , which in turn help you reach sleep triggered relaxation. I had to give it to my husband because he was driving me crazy with not sleeping. He took it and said it was alot easier then a pill and tasted good. He fell asleep and when he woke the next day he had no side affects, like other sleep aid give you. He felt really rested and a much better mood .

If your looking for something to help you sleep thats not addictive and for a temporary thing I would tell you to get this.


Buy it here:  You can purchase Glysonna online for $19.95 for 8 ounces or a 4-pack for $59.85. 

Connect here: You can connect with Glysonna on Facebook and Twitter.

The nice people of Glysonna have agreed to give one of my readers a chance to win a bottle all you have to do is enter below

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  1. chrissy c says:

    Yes I would try this! I have a lot of trouble sleeping and I think this would help!

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