Every relationship can use help keeping it fresh. Gnoments help keep you in touch with your partner. Just a small note to let them know you are thinking about them. My husband puts his gnome in my lunch box with a sweet little note. He doesn't do it everyday so I am very surprised and pleased when I open my lunch and there he sits. It always makes my day a little bit brighter. I sneak and hide my gnome around the house. My husband is disabled and stays home, so I hide her by his coffee pot or in the dryer. That surprised him when he opened the dryer and there she sat. He thought he had forgotten some laundry and discovered a love note from me hid in her pouch. 


I really like the NFC technology, text and email options. So many ways to just say “Hey honey, I am thinking of you and I love you. Or I miss you.” Those little pouches can hold a lot of love. When we aren't sending love letters or pictures our gnomes sit and hold hands. Just waiting to deliver the next message of love. All couples need to take the time and put some effort into letting their partner know just how much they mean to you. Everyone needs and wants to hear I love you. 

Gnoments kits also come with a 32-page illustrated story book, written all in verse, it helps show you how to use your gnomes, silly gnome facts, and also a log so you can chart all of your special memories and messages. I absolutely love these gnomes. They have helped me and my husband rediscover our marriage and how much we love each other. They are super cute and so easy to use and a must have for any couple. We have had so much fun thinking of different messages, memories and places to hide our gnomes to surprise the other. 


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