Go picnic snacks are great snacks for on the go. They are low calorie gluten free and no MSG. There is creamy herb dip and Multi grain pita chips. And almond butter an until grain  crackers. These snack kits are great for breakfast or snacks on the go. If you are hungry or your body is telling you that you need a quick pick me up. You really do t want to eat junk food. That's where these go picnic two piece snacks come in handy. The tasty food that helps fend off hunger, with simple recognizable ingredients. With no bad stuff. There are six unique varieties. Including vegan, kosher and gluten free and non HMO options. Their snacks contain no artificial colors or flavors. No trams fats, high fructose corn syrup or added msg. And no refrigeration or preparation is needed.
Just keep one or two in your bag and when you get hungry on the go. Just open one up and have your snack. These are great tasting and very quick snacks. For more information click here.


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