The next generation in spot removers…SPOT STUFF

Spot Stuff is going to change the way you remove spots!  Spot Stuff is an innovative new DRY Powder Spot Remover that works on most oil, grease, and fat based stains in minutes, in most cases without any washing!

Perfect to take anywhere! So portable, the tiny little packet will fit in any suitcase, purse or pocket. Use Spot Stuff at home or on the go!

This stuff is the bomb! I have such a hard time removing stains even with store bought remover. This is so easy and quick. I will be recommending this to all of my mommy friends and will most likely be giving some to my kids when they are old enough to move out. I usually end up having to let the stains sit for a few days with stain remover in order to get the stains out now I no longer have to do that I can tackle them right then and there.

I always make sure I have one of these packages in my purse, wallet and even the laundry room. It is so much easier to remove stains that using traditional store bought remover. When I start running low I will definitely be ordering more. I love that there are some stains that can be removed with the product without even washing the item. I love that I can use this the minute I see a stain on mine or my family's clothes. This item would go great in a housewarming gift basket. I intend to give this product to all my new neighbors, family and friends.

Even if you are not the one that normally does the laundry this product is so easy and convenient to use even a novice would have a hard time not using this the right way.




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