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Yay! Halloween is around the corner and its time for dressing up and having some fun. You can be any creature you desire during this special and fun month.

My nephew loves dressing up in animal characters. But they hate wearing costumes that are hot and sweaty to wear. Making it uncomfortable to enjoy having a costume on and enjoying the night. But who would have known, that Go Fun Face is a blessing in disguise! Literally!

Go Fun Face has the cutest collection of animal masks that are made of foam. They are designed three dimensionally and are exquisitely put together. I was astonished at the detail and thought of craftsmanship to design animal characters that do look like the characters they are intended for.

Go Fun Face design is definitely fun for sporting events, or birthday parties. Even things like Cosplay, being a mascot, or just plain everyday fun. There are a variety of characters to choose from, such as: pandas, dragons, gorillas, bears, sharks, and pigs. Those are just naming a few!

I really love the Lion mask! It is brown, yellow, and white. It costs only twenty-two dollars, and it is very durable, and shockingly enough, even washable! The Lion mask really shows that it is the king of the jungle. It has an adjustable strap at the back, more ideally sizes for children and not adults. However, this is great for both boys and girls, and is very comfortable and light weight.

Another fun favorite from Go Fun Face is the T-Rex Masks. It is so fun, because there is a cute red tongue that pokes out of it. The nostrils and teeth detail are really fun to look at. It is a longer snout and angles downward, however still a foam rubber, it is virtually weightless. My nephew likes to wear this mask, and says “roar” all around the house. I am so happy he enjoys his new masks!


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