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It’s often said that education is wasted on the young. Some of us don’t know which careers and interests we want to pursue until we’re an adult, at which point school is long behind us. Fortunately, it’s never too late to go back to school and get the qualifications you need.

Limited time and money to spend on education can hold many adults back from getting an education, however there are many options that can allow to still work around these limitations. Here are just a few ways to go back to school as an adult.


Find a short course


There are plenty of short courses out there lasting only a few weeks. These could allow you to take less time off work and get the necessary qualifications you need more quickly. Short courses can’t get you into every profession, but can help when pursuing many types of job. Subjects could include anything from marketing to personal training to a second language. Short courses are also much cheaper than standard courses, so you may not have to take out a loan.


Study online


It’s also possible to study many courses online. This could include anything from an English degree to and AS degree. Studying online could allow you to fit study time around other responsibilities such as work or parenting. You don’t have to travel to a campus and hence aren’t limited to location, allowing you to pick from course itineraries around the world. Online courses often last the same three-year period and give you the same qualification as a standard on-campus degree.


Hire a tutor


If you want the flexibility of studying from home but find it easier to learn from someone in person, you could always hire a tutor to help teach you. Tutor prices vary, so it’s worth shopping around to find one that you can afford. Different tutors may also have their own style of learning, so it’s worth trying out different taster sessions to find a tutor that you gel with the most. You may also be able to find classes with multiple people being held in your area directed at mature students, however it’s possible students will be at different stages in their learning and so you may not get the focused attention that you would with a personal tutor.


Consider a sponsored course


If cost is the main issue, it’s possible you may be able to pursue a sponsored course. These are courses paid for by a company in exchange that you then work for that company once you’ve obtained your degree. Sponsored courses are few and far between with companies often only offering limited places – for this reason, they can be very competitive. However, it could still be worth giving them a go, especially if the course is being sponsored by a company you’ve always wanted to work for. You can find sponsored courses by searching online.

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