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Going Organic For The New Year!



Being someone who makes a new years resolution every year to start working out and exercising ( and it never works for me) I decided this year to do something more reasonable and stick to it. I wanted to incorporate more organic products into my everyday life and May Tylor Naturals has helped me to achieve my goal thus far.

I must say when I first received my products from the company I was a little overwhelmed but completely excited at the same time. I am ready to dive in and make homemade products from their 100% pure organic and raw products.  Their products come nicely packaged and labeled so you can keep up with each one and not get them confused.

I received Mary Tylor Naturals Lip Balm Containers and after looking on their site I did not see any recipes to make my own chap stick so I immediately started google how to do this with the ingredients that I have from their company. I found many recipes and I am planning on making all 10 and giving half of them away as gifts to my family to get them into the organic spirit.

lip balm tubes

The Black African Soap is a natural soap that has a very high content of shea butter and has many benefits for your skin! It has actually really helped my husband with his eczema! He has used many things in the past and nothing ever seems to work and the fact that he can get alleviation from a soap saves the time of him applying creams and lotions!

Black African Soap

The Mary Tylor Naturals Shea Butter is a great product! I use this directly on my skin and with it being the winter months trust me this is something you will need. It warms up with your body temperature and I just like to rub it a little until I get enough to use on my elbows and dry spots.

Shea Butter

The Organic Beeswax is an essential in making your own lip balm. That was one of the main ingredients in all the lip balm recipes that I found. It comes in small flakes so its very easy to control melting it in the microwave! I like to add essential oils to the lip balm as well to give it a great natural scent!

I am excited to start an adventure on all the recipes I can find with using these products, and look forward to continuing to use organic, raw and natural products from Mary Tylor Naturals!


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