Give Me a Golf Beer Mug

How cute would it be to have a golf bag beer mug as an actual cup? My husband and his friends are avid golfing people, who like to spend their weekends at the golf course. They also like to drink beer and socialize for hours. I think the Golf Bag Beer Mug is the cutest idea to give to Dad on Father’s Day, because it’s a personal gift that he can relate to. It is perfect for that guy who enjoys the ultimate 19th hole experience at the clubhouse or at home. I think the mug would do well for corporate gifts too.

Unique Detail

The Golf Bag Beer Mug is a unique glass mug that is in the shape of a golf bag. It is a machine pressed glass. You can see the outline and details etched into the mug that really resembles a golf bag. Any golfer would recognize this shape right away and would probably want one for himself. This is a simple, yet personal gift for Dad, a coworker, a friend, or a boss. I think hosting a golf themed party and using these as centerpieces would be a great hit. They do well in making such a nice atmosphere at bars with golf themes.

19th Hole Experience

The design is precisely crafted and patented. It stands for the 19th hole drinking experience, where after a round of golf you go to the pub nearby and enjoy a cold one. My husband as well as other golfers would appreciate the style and function of this very cute beer mug. It is available in clear and frosted finish. It can hold up to fifteen ounces of liquid. It’s definitely dishwasher safe. Also, the company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee , so If you aren’t satisfied with it, they will refund you. I don’t drink beer or golf, but I want one just for myself, due to its uniqueness and durability.

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