We all love the feeling of being on the green and putting our strokes to the test, and we all equally hate the feeling of getting just a bogey on the course. If your shots need some fine tuning, there's plenty of ways to tighten up your game to bring you to the next level. Odds are, you're probably making a common mistake and you can make a few small changes to clean up your strategy.

Tidy Up Your Short Game

Tons of golfers miss out on an opportunity for a birdie or less by making a few false shots on their short game. There's no magic trick to this, take out your putter and practice your short game. Test yourself against a variety of terrains, uphill, and downhill, as the saying goes –practice makes perfect. Keep at it until this becomes one of your strong suits, and not your weak ones.

Employ Legal Accessories

Have you been afraid to utilize accessories in play because you're worried they aren't legal in tournaments? Luckily, since 2006, a lot of distance measuring devices are legal to employ in your golf game and they might just turn the tide in your favor. If you're allowed to use the device in a tournament you've entered, other members are probably already planning to use this tool. The experts at https://theleftrough.com/ have reviewed some of the best rangefinders of the year. You'll also find some useful information regarding what the devices are all about if you're new to rangefinders. Some tournaments require certain tools of the device be disabled during play so you'll still want to review your local regulations.

Get a New Pair of Glasses

If you're applying every major change you can possibly think of to your posture, altered your swing, paid for lessons, and you name it, it could be you simply have a problem with your vision. There's a large portion of people who require adjustment on their glasses, or need glasses and don't have a prescription. A quick trip to the optometrist can do you wonders, and the examination itself isn't usually too costly. Not only can this help you clean up your golf game, but this is going to help prevent issues in your day-to-day life, like headaches and nausea.

Clubs Just for You

Depending on how invested you are, you might consider having your clubs fitted for you. Clubs can be fitted based on individuals, but they can also be fitted for swing style. This might give you the edge that you're looking for, it's not going to work wonders, but it will make your swings more comfortable and effective. Fitting is a costly process to get done, but if you're devoted your play, it's worth the expense.

Don't Overthink Everything

Golf is a mentally intensive sport and it can cause us to overthink everything in regards to our posture, our clubs, and why we sliced that last ball. If you've been having trouble on the course, sometimes you just need to bring things back down to a rudimentary level. Take a few breaths, calm yourself, and rationally sort through what went wrong and why. It could be a simple adjustment in posture in order to bring you back up to level. Take a few practice swings and see where you're at, once you have your mind settled, you'll be ready to hit the green with increased vigor.

The Elements Can Be An Advantage

If you're golfing on a windy day and it's just not working with you, this isn't always a bad thing. You can use the wind to your advantage to help curve the ball, keep this in mind before taking your shots. Don't fire a shot straight against the wind, but envision yourself as a sniper being aware of the wind to augment your shots. You might end up with a few extra swings, but it will end up being less detrimental than fighting against inevitable.

Golf is a great sport and just like all sports it can be frustrating at times when things just aren't going your way. There's options for you to clean up your game that are both big and small. For instance, if you're a beginner, chances are you don't need to drop the money required on fitting your clubs. But taking a breather, cleaning up your short game, and working with the weather is something all golf advocates can take part in. Practice your shots, use all the resources available to you and your golf game will make leaps and bounds.

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