Good cooking salad maker makes it so much easier to make salads. Usually you try to cut up onions for the salad and your eyes start to tear. With this salad maker it make a it so simple. Just choose one of the color coded inserts which one is wavy, thin sliver, coarse grater, fine grater, and grinder.  To use it's vey simple. Just place the desired colored cone you chose and insert it into the drum holder.


Secure cone with the included drum fastener. Place salad item into the tube and press down with the food pusher to guide the salad into the slicer while the unit is on. It is as easy as that. Now for other ingredients for your salad. The salad maker is easy to clean and pieces are dishwasher safe. The system contain non slip feet to keep it from slipping on the counter. I love this salad maker. It makes it easier then having to get my deli slicer out. Why have to get all of these products out when you have one that makes it so much easier for you. For more information click here.


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